Covid-19 Procedures


Over the last couple of months, we have spent what feels like endless hours following the CDC’s guidlines, attending webinars, and researching everything we could find on cleaning during COVID-19.

As we get back to business, we want to ensure the comfort, health, and safety to our employees and  our clients.  We have implemented some changes into our daily procedures. Though many of these things are a part of our regular cleaning services, we are aiming to step it up a notch.




All employees will wear masks and gloves into homes and businesses when our clients are present.  All equipment and supplies will be  sanitized between stops.  We are limiting the number of stops to 2 or less for our cleaning staff. (for the next 45 days).   We will also recommended that our cleaning staff make no unnecessary stops throughout the work day.   

 All services will now include complete disinfecting of all high touch surfaces. (with a hospital-grade disinfectant).  

We will disinfect the following areas in your home:
• Doorknobs
• Light switches/lamp switches
• Handrails
• Faucet handles
• Appliance handles
• Cabinet handles/drawer pulls
• Other high-touch area

Our staff will continue to wear disposable gloves throughout every job site. 

 We will also continue to keep used towels and mop pads in a small trash bag in our cleaning buckets to keep them contained and away from other supplies. Clean towels and mop pads are always stored in a separate tote bag away from other supplies.  We will continue sanitizing all towels and mop pads after every use.

We will not send sick employees to your home our office. 

We also want to mention that we have no problem cleaning while people/children are home. We are more than willing to work around you and coordinate with you so that we aren’t disruptive. If you do happen to be working from home feel free to let us know where you would like us to start cleaning, if there are any areas you want us to skip and what we should do if you are on the phone or a video call when it is time for us to vacuum.

Thank you for your continued business.  If you have any additional questions, please let us know