Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is right around the corner!

The official day to celebrate the Earth is April 22, 2018, but please – don’t let this stop you from celebrating every day! Why is this date so special & why do we hype it up across world?

Here’s the must-knows:

  • Earth Day started in 1970.
  • The event is celebrating its 48th year – whoa!
  • The goal is to inspire, ignite passion, and motivate people to have a voice towards environmental issues & solving them.

Okay, now that we know the back story and are readily informed, how can we celebrate our beautiful planet on 4/22/2018 and continue to make a difference moving forward?  Here are 5 great ideas to celebrate Earth Day.


Below are 5 ideas to help inspire your Earth Day celebrations + your journey thereafter. Enjoy friends!

  1. Buy Organic Products

We’ve all heard the saying, “buy” local, and at times it can be a tough task to undertake. I get it; I don’t always “buy” organic, local products. But, in the past year or two, I’ve drastically shifted my outlook on what foods I’m consuming, the businesses I’m supporting, the products I lather onto myself, and the brands with whom I work with.

I highly encourage you to evaluate your current product lineup and ask yourself these questions?

  • Is this product genuinely good for my body – physically, mentally, and spiritually?
  • Is this product beneficial to the planet, is the packaging eco-friendly, does the company uphold eco-practices, was it produced in an environmentally friendly manner?
  • Am I supporting the greater good of both my wellbeing & the planet’s by purchasing/using this product?


Don’t freak if you answered no to the above questions, it’s all good! But do use these questions to be more consciously aware of your purchasing power and the effect is has on society as a whole.

A great place to start this shift is in your bathroom department-what products can you switch to be friendlier to our beloved Earth?

  1. Use Reusable Bags

This to-do is a no-brainer and one that’s easily achievable.

If you don’t own a hundred, thousand reusable bags with a million different logos all over them, then please – do yourself a favor and invest in 5-10.

The biggest thing I experience and hear is…. I forget my bags at home. And here’s my solution – keep half the bags at your house and half the bags in your car, ready to be used for all your shopping needs.

Simple as that!

  1. Participate in a Local Event

Number three is definitely the largest task on the to-do list & here’s why –

You actually have to get up, move yourself, interact with your local community, probably get your hands dirty, and try something new.

While this is a fun task and one that can be incredibly rewarding, I also understand that it’s nerve-wracking to step outside your comfort zone.  I encourage you to enlist your friends, family members, or partner to join you.

If you can’t find a local event nearby, gather friends and family and create your own event! You can easily register your event via the Earth day website & hopefully attract more of your community to lend a helping hand!

  1. Donate or Plant a Tree

Because the Earth Day organization is striving towards 7.8 billion planted trees by 2020, I’m thinking we should all hop on this train (for all of our well-being)!

After reading through the Earth Day’s website and why this imitative is #1 on their to-do, I have to admit – I’m scared for our greenery, like legit nervous about the future.

  • An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost to deforestation each year (roughly the size of Panama!
  • This loss is responsible for up to 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In a single tree’s lifetime, it will – generate $30,000 in oxygen, recycle $35,000 worth of water, and clean up $60,000 worth of air pollution. Holy hell – I had no idea trees were so busy during their lifespan, but damn – they’re killing it!

So with that said, the obvious next step is….


5.  Spend the Day Outside

And lastly, the easiest Earth friendly celebration to-do of them all – GET YOUR BUTT OUTSIDE.

Below are a few ideas to help inspire your outside adventures:

  • Take a morning walk before your day starts; notice the beautiful trees and greenery that surround you, the birds chirping, the early signs of the sun rising, and the cool breeze upon your face.
  • Meditate outside & focus on all of the above + the Earth beneath you, supporting you and acting as firm foundation for your everyday movements.
  • Turn lunch or dinner into an outdoor event – picnic, park, beach, or simply on your back porch.
  • Plan an outdoor adventure for the weekend, think kayaking, and paddle boarding, nature trails, cycling or camping.


Let’s band together and work towards creating a more beautiful, environmentally friendly, conscious minded planet. The more each individual participates, the stronger our entire community is for today, tomorrow, and the coming years.

Wishing you a Happy Earth Day!

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