House Cleaning When Injured

When you suffer an injury in an accident, you  may work with a personal injury attorney in St. Louis to pursue monetary compensation for your related damages. What many people don’t realize is that their lawyers can help them get more than financial reimbursement for their injury-related expenses – they can help them get back to their normal routines by referring them to life coaches, personal trainers, real estate agents, and even professional cleaning services who can ease the burden of recovery.

Talk to your lawyer about hiring a professional cleaing company to clean your home while you recover. 


Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service


If you’ve never hired a professional cleaning company before, determining the exact services you need and what you should pay for them can be difficult. Compare prices between a few different companies in your area and remember, price differences can reflect different services offered. Ask each company you interview about the services they offer before choosing which company to hire. You might need only light cleaning services, or you might need a full overhaul and reorganization of your home.  St Louis Cleaning Team offers free, in-home estimates and will tailor the cleaning to meet your individual needs.


Communicate with the cleaning company  about the challenges you face keeping your home clean and organized, especially with your reduced mobility after suffering an injury. They  will likely have tips and advice you can follow in the future to make cleaning your home a less daunting task.


Keeping your Home Clean While you Recover can Keep you Healthy


Recovering in a clean, organized environment is important to your health in a few ways. If you suffered a cut or had to have surgery, pathogens in the environment can infect your wound and put you at risk of becoming ill. St Louis Cleaning Team uses  disinfecting  cleaning products necessary to keep your home pathogen-free.


An uncluttered home is also important to your recovery because it’s easier to move around and avoid re-injuring yourself. When your mobility is limited, clear paths through your home are key to a healthy recovery.


You can Cover your Professional Cleaning Costs with your Personal Injury Compensation


If you are seeking financial compensation for your personal injury damages, you can potentially receive compensation for the cost of hiring a cleaning company to handle these tasks while you are unable to handle them yourself. This compensation falls under the “pain and suffering damages” category. Talk to your lawyer about pursuing this kind of compensation with your personal injury claim.

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