You may have noticed that your little pup or kitty cat is shedding more than usual. As the seasons change so do the coats on your fuzzy creatures. Unfortunately, the hair can get annoying. You can only take so much of Mia or Milo’s fur ending up on your furniture and subsequently your clothes. Luckily for you, St Louis Cleaning Team specializes in residential house cleaning, so fur and fuzz is something we’re familiar with.

Whisk Brush
One of our secret weapons when it comes to pet hair is a whisk brush. This durable tool has harder bristles than a regular broom making it easier for you to sweep away things that tend to stick to surfaces because of friction, static, etc. We usually run this over couches and chairs a couple of times in a quick pulling motion (back to front). The hair should fall to the ground and then you can vacuum or sweep it up from there.

Extra Sticky Lint Roller
Another tool is the trusty lint roller to fight shedding. They make “extra sticky” which is perfect in fighting against shedding. The downfall of course is that this will eventually need to be replaced. However, something like this should last you a few months depending on how often you want to tackle the pet dander.

This next advice requires a bit of an investment but we have relatives here at St Louis Cleaning Team that swears it’s a life saver( they have 2 Siberian Huskies) A Roomba might just become your best friend especially if you’ve got multiple pets who like to take off their winter coats. Set it up and watch it go. The great thing about this is that you can put it to work and forget about it all day. With this, the fur won’t have time to take over the house.

If you haven’t heard of the FURminator brush you’re missing out. The awesome thing about this is that it can help prevent shedding. Brush your animal with this a few times a week and you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make. You can also use this brush to pick up fur from carpets and rugs. It’s amazing how well it scraps it up and catches it. All you have to do afterwards is walk to a trash can and empty the pesky hair.

Water and Fabric Softener
Our last little cleaning tip can also help freshen up the smell of your cushions. Mix water and bit of fabric softener in a spray bottle and give the upholstered furniture a good spritz. Then take a cloth and wipe it up, it’s that easy! This is good if you don’t have a ton of hair to get rid of or need to do a quick pick up if guests are on the way.

These are just a few ideas to help you combat shedding, if you’ve found a way to fight against it that we didn’t mention let us know in the comments! We’re always trying to improve our ways. We want to continue to be the best residential cleaning service in the St Louis and surrounding areas. Relax…We’ll Handle It!

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