10 Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services


If you’re wondering about it, this blog will tell you everything you want to know about the subject. Read on and learn everything about 10 types of commercial cleaning services.

What is Commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are those that are provided for commercial properties such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. These types of cleaning services are usually done by professional cleaners who have been trained in how to clean these places properly. The main purpose of commercial cleaning is to keep your place looking good so that customers can feel comfortable when they visit your business. This way, you’ll be able to attract more clients and increase sales.

You need to use pro­fessional cleaners

You must always employ professional cleaners or a local business to clean your office if there is any major scrub-down needed. Professional cleaners are likely to be your best option for having a clean workspace. Professional cleaners will come to your office and clean the things you need to be cleaned. Each service has its own price tag and there are many methods for cleaning different surfaces.

10 Major Types Of Commercial Cleaning Offerings:

1. HVAC/Duct Cleaning

This is the process by which you flush out any contamination in your HVAC unit. It helps clean away any dirt, dust, and grime. After doing this, the building will be able to have better air. Air pollution will be lower than it was before. It means that people who suffer from allergies or other health issues can breath easier.

2. Rugs

You might consider having your area rugs professionally cleaned if they’re dirty. Most rugs will continue to look good if they are washed regularly (usually weekly). Professional cleaners will be able to clean off any remaining residue and protect the carpet in order to prevent future stains.

Remember that some area rags could be antiques. You shouldn’t clean these by yourself because they may be damaged if you do so. Professional cleaners know how best to clean different types of carpets and area rugs.

3. Stone

Many people aren’t sure how to clean natural stones. It is a difficult material because of its porous surface. That is why professional services are your best option. Professional cleaning services use the right tools and equipment to ensure natural stones are not damaged during cleaning.

4. Concrete

Concrete is becoming increasingly popular in homes. As the popularity increases, so too does the number of professional concrete cleaners. If you have concrete flooring, you might not know how to properly clean them. That’s why you should hire professional contractors to keep your concrete floors in top condition.

5. Furniture

After a while, the dust starts to accumulate on your couch and chairs. You can clean them yourself, but why not let someone else do it for you? Commercial cleaning companies offer professional services at affordable prices. They also provide special cleaning solutions designed specifically for certain types of fabric. These professionals will make your home smell fresh and clean once again.

6. Drapes and Blinds

Cleaning window blinds need to be done frequently if they aren’t cleaned regularly. With professional cleaning services, you’ll be able to get rid of odor-causing bacteria and grime at the same time. Besides cleaning and restoring the blinds and drapes, it will help bring back their original color to them.

7. Carpets

Carpets hold lots of dust and debris. Besides the fact that there are so many dust particles that get stuck in the fibers of the carpets, they’re also really hard to clean up. It’s because having your carpets professionally cleaned is what they need. To keep your carpet looking new for longer, you can help ensure that it stays clean and free from stains. It will smell new and you won’t have to replace your carpets at all! On top of that, there’s no need to worry about the few spots left behind. Professional carpet cleaners and professional floor cleaners can remove them too.

8. Emergency Cleaning

While insurance is great, it won’t cover the damages caused by an earthquake. An earthquake cleanup service can help restore your home back to its original state. Commercial cleaners can also help make sure that the area doesn’t smell bad after the disaster.

9. Grout and Tile

Grouting and tile cleaning can be tough. Even if you keep your floor tiles cleaned up every day, they will eventually need professional help. Commercial cleaning services usually remove stains from your flooring without damaging them. Your tiles and flooring will look amazing after using our services.

10. Glass Cleaning

Window and glass washing is an activity that many companies provide. If you own a big business with lots of windows, then you might find yourself needing to get them cleaned. After all, you can’t just stand outside and wash the windows! And if you do decide to go ahead and try to wash the windows yourself, you’ll probably end up damaging them instead of actually getting them washed. So, why not let a professional company take care of the job? They’ll make sure that they are using the correct materials on the window so that no damage is done.


ST LOUIS CLEANING TEAM can make sure that your commercial cleanings go smoothly. Taking the time to make certain the task is completed correctly with the proper tools. Simply put, a healthier work area means happier workers. So, if you’re searching for an easy professional housekeeping service provider, consider our company. We can offer you the best results.