Stinky Dishwasher – Clean it with Kool Aid


How often have you opened your dishwasher only to be knocked over with the smell from inside it?  Cleaning a stinky dishwasher seems like a weird waste of time since we always assume that the next wash will clean it and the problem will cure itself. Guess what, it won’t!

Stinky dishwashers are just absolutely disgusting.  Let’s fix that problem now.

First of all –  Understand the cause.  All of the soap and water will create iron and lime deposits on the inside of your machine – which can cause it to smell. There is nothing worse than getting a whiff of a funky stinky dishwasher when you open it.

There is a really simple solution to this – grab a packet of Kool-Aid unsweetened lemonade mix and place the powder in the soap dispenser.  Run the dishwasher empty and you’re done-That’s it!

The citric acid in the Kool-Aid cleans, freshens and generally “un-gunks” everything. It even cleans the parts you can’t reach by hand easily.

I should mention that sometimes you really need to pull out the heavy artillery to fix the stinky dishwasher problem.  Usually Kool Aid does the trick – but if not, here is the fallback plan.

Get a bowl of bleach and place it on the top shelf.  Run your dishwasher empty and without soap.  Let the bleach disinfect the inside.  Run it again until you are confident that the bleach is completely

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