Protective Measures Against Coronavirus



Cleaning your home is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like the new Coronavirus.  We are taking the necessary steps to ensure our clients’ homes and commercial locations are clean and sanitized. 

What St Louis Cleaning Team is Doing to Help


  • We are increasing our cleaning protocols by using products that have been found to be more effective against viruses – switching to a  hospital grade disinfectant. 
  • We will spend extra time cleaning door handles and knobs, door frames, faucets, cabinet knobs,  as well as other high touch areas throughout our homes and commercial locations.
  • We are adding  disposable sanitizing wipes for employees to use on our  cleaning kits to disinfect everything brought in and out of job sites. 
  • We’ve purchased new microfiber cleaning cloths to use on the job. 
  • Our vacuums and equipment  will  thoroughly wiped down and sanitized  between each stop, and vacuum bags will be  changed  more regularly.
  • Disposable gloves will also be worn by our employees.
  • We are advising our staff that if they have signs of illness to remain at home, and we are asking the same from our clients –  that they notify us if there are signs of illness in the home or office.   

We will continue to provide you with excellent cleaning service while improving our processes.  We want our customers to have  the peace of mind that all of the high  surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.

Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with  excellent service, especially in times such as these. We will also tailor our cleaning to meet your needs.

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